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    ESJBA Team Challenge Event – Sunday 30th April 2017

    Now in its 3rd season ESJBA hosted its annual TEAM challenge event at the Hailsham Community College. The event was organised as a 4-way team competition in two age groups; U13 and U15-17. Badminton clubs from across Sussex were invited including Worthing Juniors, Lewes BC, Forest BC and St Johns BC.  The event is styled on the NBL competition where each team of 6 (3 boys and 3 girls) plays one match against the other 3 teams with the result being decided as the best of 5 games – boy’s and girl’s singles, mixed doubles and boy’s and girl’s doubles. To increase the tension, the teams can use a “power play” shuttle to claim 2 points if they win a chosen point.

    Teams played each match on a dedicated court with a volunteer umpire. This meant that players and supporters watching from the side lines could cheer on their respective team mates which really added to the atmosphere in the hall. Team coaches were allowed to motivate between ends and games and help players with tactics & choose when to play their power play shuttle. 

    The event as always provided some exciting and competitive badminton. In the U13 event, Worthing Juniors won all their matches and proved a little too strong for the other teams. In the U15-17 things were a little closer. The winners, ESJBA, won all their 3 matches, but two matches were won 3-2 with results hinging on a 5-4 win in the deciding end of the mixed doubles.  Trophies were awarded to the winning clubs who will be asked back next season to defend their trophy!   A special thanks to the coaches and helpers from WJ, St Johns, Forest and Lewes for their help on the day and making the event so enjoyable for the players involved.

    TEAM Challenge Event Results 2017

    U13 Winners – Worthing Juniors (Joel Butler, Zach Blake, Drew Hammersley, Lily Wingrove, Yohansa Bandaranayake, Aryaki Saykhedkar)

    U13 Runners Up -  Lewes BC (Samuel Farley, Gabriel Penrose, Xavier Leggo, Lara Hammond, Bridget Rawson)

    U15-17 Winners – ESJBA (Jessica Newberry, Georgia Thomas, Abbey Spencer, Alex Pusey, Nathan Davidson, Ryan Burdett)

    U15-17 Runners Up – St Johns BC (Abigail Colley, Kimberley Dawson, Kelvin Chan, Dominic Burns, Tim Gray)


    I can count the number of times on both...   St. Johns team briefing   We've tried everything else!
    Wish I had worn my other shirt now.   Worthing and Managers   Lewes and Managers
    Forest and Managers   ESJBA with Team Manager   ESJBA

    William Brown, ESJBA Chairman said ‘Once again, our team of organizers has come up trumps with a winning format to engage the youngsters.  The meticulous planning from Eastbourne Coach Martin was excellent and the strategy of our U17 Manager, Sean, gained us a deserving win.  This has been our third year of running and already the clubs have asked to take part next year.’

    Worthing   Comments   St Johns and Managers
    Martin’ Forest Team Manager, Gill Fareham reported ‘Our players enjoyed the format and supporting their team, with the choices when to use the 'powerplay' shuttlecocks. The venue and the organisation were very good too.   St John’s team Manager, Nigel Perry quoted, ‘Outstanding work by you and the team yet again.’  

    Worthing Junior Team Manager, Chris Brierley also said ‘We thought the venue was excellent, it was good that parents could sit and view the courts from above, helped our parents who had players in both age groups!

    All the players!     

    ESJBA is a non-profit making organisation, run and organised by a management committee comprising of volunteers. We are affiliated to Badminton England. ESJBA incorporate the Districts and Boroughs of Wealden, Lewes, Hastings, Eastbourne, Rother, and Brighton. ESJBA was the first ‘development’ group in the County and is now one of the largest in Sussex, providing a safe and professional environment for players that fall just below County acceptance. Each year many of our players go on to achieve the next step as a County player and some decide to continue their training with both ourselves and the Sussex county
    Juniors. ESJBA work closely with Sussex Junior Badminton and some of our coaches either work with or have worked with SCJB in the past.

    ESJBA respond annually, both pro-actively and re-actively by meeting the fluctuating demands such as, numbers, ages and locations of young players within East Sussex. The object of the Association is to encourage the development of badminton in East Sussex, and managing of its Squads. We also aim to support progression in badminton and ultimately this often means a player improving sufficiently to be selected for the Sussex County squads. Each year many of our players go on to achieve this next step and some decide to continue training with both ourselves and Sussex. The only difference with these more advanced players is that they will not be eligible for our Annual Championships and will be second choice for friendly team selection. We feel it is the onus of SCJB to provide sufficient stimuli for these players. We are there to provide the additional training with professional coaching for those players that require more experience and knowledge of the sport to pursue their ambitions.

    SET UP. Eligibility is determined on a ‘trials’ day set at the beginning of each season. Our Squads train with feather shuttlecocks, meet fortnightly for a two hour session between October and April. This season we have three group squads, who train at two centres in Bexhill and Heathfield. Players are able to join mid-season subject to a place being available and at the discretion of the Squad Coach. ESJBA are now in our 13th season. Clubs and coaches across Sussex ‘feed’ their players into our ranks. We have a network of coaches across East Sussex, all working towards a mutual goal. Our coaches are registered with Badminton England and have Enhanced CRB/DBS clearance. Our Child Protection Policy is in accordance with Badminton England, Sussex
    County Badminton Association and the Sussex County Sports Partnership Trust.